Check Ride Reservation with Thomas Hornak

Dates Available 5 hours

LOCATION: San Martin - E16

Other locations available on request (travel fee applies)



Single-Engine – 5 Hour Appointment:


Multi-Engine – 5 Hour Appointment:


Airline Transport Pilot – 5 Hour Appointment:


Flight Instructor – 7 Hour Appointment:


Administrative – CFI Renewal


Administrative – Foreign Pilot Conversion


Administrative – Mil Comp


Administrative – BGI, AGI, IGI, RP Issuance


Retests (All Non Initial CFI Ratings, flight only)


Retests (Ground & Flight and any Initial CFI Ratings)



General Policy:

  • Only typed or computer generated 8710's or IACRA are accepted  Please note: PREFERRED IS IACRA.
  • Applicants using multiple aircraft are charged an additional $200.00 per additional aircraft.
  • 15 Minutes is allocated for determination of applicant/aircraft eligibility, any time required beyond 15 minutes is billed additionally at $150/hr as is any waiting time if the applicant or aircraft are late.
  • Outside Bay Area Costs include Travel Expense Offset.

Qualification/Cancellation Policy:

The applicant will not have to pay additional fees for a rescheduled appointment unless one of the following conditions caused the missed test:

  • If the applicant is not eligible for the test at the time of application no fee credit will be given.
  • If the airplane is not airworthy, the applicant is issued a notice of disapproval and no fee credit applies
  • Exceptions for unforecast weather shall be considered on a case by case basis. However if the applicant fails to verifiably contact the examiner if the forecast conditions will not allow for
    VFR flight within 1.5 hours of the check ride start time, and thus the test cannot be conducted, no fee credit applies.
  • If the applicant does not cancel the test within 24 hours prior thereto for non-weather related reasons, no credit is given and an invoice will be sent for the missed appointment.


To request a check ride, click the day then time to choose a target date, then complete the form to check availability (NO FEE). The Provider will be notified and you will receive a confirmation email of your request.

Only after the provider has accepted your request, and you have agreed to a date, a $50.00 reservation fee will be required to hold the date. You will receive an acceptance email with a link to the payment page. After completing the payment, you will receive a final confirmation email with the details of your reservation.

If your desired date is unavailable, consider submitting your request to all available providers.

After confirmation, you will be asked to pay a Reservation Fee of $50.00 per appointment